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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Strelets -anniversary?

This is a dream come true SR! Thanks!

BTW Uwe, does your Way To Sofia work?

Re: BTW Uwe, does your Way To Sofia work?

Hi, Uwe emailed me today and reported he has not got it yet unfortunately.I am very disappointed also as i paid good shipping rate but very confident when it reaches him it will be just fine to view.You may have to tweak the windows media player(i have new Windows VISTA laptop) its taking a while to get used to it.

So to coin a phrase "coming soon"...relax chuckle.

You will need 6 pack of beer and plenty popcorn for this movie.Its very rustic/antiquity screen play(superb) and oozes authenticity. Its a pity one of the hero is shot symbollically in the ruined church tower. the pretty girl in the cape is shot in the back.(very sad)Also some poor doves ......The size of the syringe the doctors use look terribly big .It also shows a use of injected torture on one of the Bulgarian captured leaders.As he is injected with a potion from a hot glass bottle which was being held over a fire.I hope you realize i have indeed seen the movie very recently.I do not bee ess you guys.

(Uwe please check the date i sent the package when you get it.)Inside is the original packaging from my dear contact in Bulgaria .you will see the post marks Bulgarian(inner on original package from Bulgaria) and usa(external ) on with dates.I guess customs have perhaps sat down to watch it.

If you have not got it by next friday i will request my dear contact to ship another one.(I will make it worth his while)he's been very kind. I am real disappointed it is not with you guys yet.The hold up is from USA to Germany.I am apologetic to you both and know how much you look forward to seeing this.

Re: Re: Its arrived in Germany

I used the tracking number Uwe,Putyat is in Germany with Customs .gOOD NEWS.I send you Mircea this week.

Re: Re: Re: Its arrived in Germany

Dear Strelets,

don't worry I will get it next week. And if not, I found another source for it which will work
So I hope to send your copy over in July.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Its arrived in Germany

the copy i sent will and does work .

Tip i found out the hard way.

Save time NOW and Check your api media player is set up before you get it.My hitch was ONLY finding teh tick box within teh configuration for Windows Vista version 11 of media Player .I hate the Hewlett Packard wrap around krap and microsoft automatic update features .they take your machine over when trying to find stuff .At last i find were to shee-it can those things.I have a compaq prsario f767nr notebook pc with the" fool monty".Thats why i just downloaded the freebie api software and ran the movie so i could send you next day after receiving of plans go wrong.customs suresuck.

enjoy the movie ....

ps now where are the rudddy turks chuckle