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Re: Re: Suggestions for future Romans

Germanic foot warriors.
Sarmatian heavy and light cavalry
a Germanic village set with women and children

Re: Re: Re: Suggestions for future Romans

Some of us have been asking for ages for a set of Romans (or generic ancients) in just plain tunics, with versatile ring or peg hands and a variety of weapons, tools etc, which could be legionaries off-duty or on fatigues, workmen, slaves etc - could even be marketed as 'Army of Spartacus' or 'Gangs of Rome'...???!!!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Suggestions for future Romans

Sarmatians mounted and dismounted
would be a great addition

Bosporans would really be great to see
and would mix real well with any Sarmatians


Romans AFTER Battle

How about that?

Re: Roman Engineers slaves

Also can be used as roman navy etc

Re: Re: Roman Engineers slaves


I believe that in the Roman Navy, rowers were not slaves (apologies to Ben Hur fans).

Cheers, Frank

Re: Romans AFTER Battle

Actually, I would LOVE to see this too! lots of casualties, early medical teams, fires with hot irons to close wounds. I think this is a great idea!

Re: Suggestions for future Romans


To start out with some detail for Trajan's legions during the Dacian campaign:

We have a few Roman emblems: Hat has given us a bull for Legio X Gemina, Zvezda a she-wolf for Legio XI Claudia, various manufacturers have given us a capricorn for Legio XXX Ulpria victrix. We're still lacking a Hercules as emblem for Legio II Traiana Fortis.

Otherwise, as Roman mini-sets for the Dacian war, I'd like to see:
- Roman Ox carts
- mule train
- POW/slaves (for mining, farm work and Roman household needs)
- Roman engineers to build a camp and streets
- Auxiliary archers
- Auxiliary archers on the march

of course I'd like to see some Strelets' Germanic warriors, either as enemies or auxiliaries of Trajan.

Trajan also violently suprised a a struggle for freedom of the Jewish people. He lead a major campaign against the Parthian empire, which would probably warrant another 10 or 20 sets for the Parthian army.

I'd surely buy them all, so keep 'em coming :-)

Re: Suggestions for future Romans

yes for the big box
and yes for the mini set
i can add
mini set
-auxiliary archer at rest and on march
-auxiliary before battle (like the legion)
-germanic warriors
-sarmatians warriors
-civilians romans
-civilians germans
-sarmatians cavalry

Suggestions for LATE Romans

Just got in the mailbox the auxilia cavalry sets. I really love them, especially the clumsy officer with the sword, for sure a young patrician at his first mission! I would have appreciated even more if the horse bases had been a little bit wider.

I love Rome and I basically agree with ALL the above suggestions.
Just a thought for Strelets. What about late Romans, Sassanians, early Arabs...

Great day for the Iberians!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Suggestions for LATE Romans

I would also like Late Romans.

Goths, Franks, Huns, Sassanids,

Re: Suggestions for future Romans

1.Transport wagons and mules with unarmed drivers.consisting a of a 2 wheel cart with one or 2 draft animals and pack animals plus drivers.
this is absolutly needed
2-4 wagons 4-8 mules to a set

2.military camp builders, these can be used to some extent for sieges ie legionarys in full gear planting the stakes for the "wall" they had to carry and using mattocks and dolabras, carrying baskets of earth etc to raise a ditch and bank, this set would fit bettween "roman army on the march" and "roman army before battle" and is an important part of roman military doctrin these figures could also be used for practice part of the legion (half or third) would stand guard to defend the builders of the camp.
Engineers, an officer type and assistant using a groma would suffice there are only a few specialists such as these as the donkey work is done by the legionarys, in the roman army there are no specific engineer units.
48 figure set 12 poses.
3.command set, various officers, standards, musicians
48 figures 12 poses
4.Civilians 48 figures 12 poses
1.Camp life
I personally dont see a need for Praetorians unless you want to model the Emperor as well, these were after all his body guard....perhaps this is best for a big box set say "Emperor at war" or "Trajan at war" etc this would work well i think...

Thats all for now

Re: Re: Suggestions for future Romans

I think the roman engineer officers + working legionaries is perfect idea!

And the "Emperor at war set" is perfect: I would buy it only because of the title!!!!

Camp! Casualties! Command!

I love it all - and would buy it all.

I also love the mule train idea. Every 8 men were assigned a mule???

Also - A charging mass of Germanic madmen would be fantastic.



Re: Suggestions for future Romans

See Praetorians here


Re: Suggestions for future Romans

It would be nice to have:-
. tents and field fortifications,
. civilians, villas and farm houses,
. artillery,
. engineers and pontoons/bridges,
. supply wagons, supply 'boats', camel trains.

Of course, it would be nice if you could look at particular campaigns, determine representative orbats for both Romans and opponents and then model them .... You could look at the Roman Army in
1. Britain
2. Judea
3. "Germany"
4. Dacia

You could, over time expand these sets to include later periods including the Eastern (Byzantine) Empire and it's enemies.

Re: Suggestions for future Romans

Bigbox Camp life could include
Off duty legionarys playing games such as dice or knuckebones or a board game with a couple of onlookers betting on the outcome.
Soldiers preparing the evening meal for their tent(or billet)
Loading unloading
Crime and punishment
Weapon training
Physician and wounded
camp followers
Guard duty
Field repairs polishing and repairing armor sharprening swords etc
portable blacksmith
Commanders making plans

It should be noted that a marching camp is not the same thing as a semi-permanent fort built from logs and turf, but a ditch and bank topped by pointed stakes these are square in section and pointed towards both ends and would be transported by the was intended as a obstacle to slow down an attack and allow the defenders time to prepare themselves....
This will be properly fortified if a stay of more then a short time period is planned such forts may be built to protect communication and supplies....
roman legions were usually kept busy in peace time as well as war doing much of the road and fort buiding within the empire as well civic projects...
The devil makes work for idle hands.....


Re: Re: Suggestions for future Romans

Most of my ideas are written down in the meantime.

But what about the Jews 70 AD, Parthians the whole time and maybe figures for the campaign against the mediterranean pirates?



If you are still up to the 40-50 unique poses per set. This format would work well with gladiators

Re: Gladiators

Can I believe my eyes?, the manufacturer is asking what we´d like? I´m gobsmacked!!
Praetorians definately, Auxillaries ie Archers eastern and western, ballista/scorpian crews. Baggage train. Infact any of the previous suggestions. bring it on, and thanks for asking!!!!

Re: Suggestions for future Romans: Civilians

I think you should consider doing civilian 'under attack' sets for both Romanic & Medieval eras. villages were always coming under attack & we have only a handful of civilians to fall prey.

tho, just civilians would work too as supplying food & water to passing armies. These would be great for Napoleonics too.

Re: Suggestions for future Romans

All of the above please

Roman bath house figures and others

Dear Strelets

The city of my abode is Roman (Isca Dumnoniiorum) and the local museum, now closed for rebuilding used to have, probably still does, a model of a Roman bath house. They also had a large model of a Roman barracks which had a bath house incorporated. These were based on local archaeological finds. Bathing and ablutions were an important part of Roman life. Very well documented and of course there is the City of Bath itself. Bathing therefore, could be one of the themes to base a set on.
The old Atlantic Greek Life in the Acropolis* focussed on a particular theme (festivals) and seemed so advanced when compared with some other Atlantic offerings. In fact some of these figures could be used as Romans, as Classical Greek fashions came in and out of vogue.
My suggestion for non military sets or ones that are both military and civilian therefore is to have a series of themes: festivals and religion (plagiarist that I am ), bathing,ablutions and recreation, trading, maritime and so on. When we say Romans I think we mean Pax Romana rather than the environs of Ancient Rome and its citizens.
Life in Roman Britain -Joan Alcock published by English Heritage, 1996 explores these themes with a British slant (though fairly universal in the Roman Empire and has a very good further reading section on this aspect of Roman history).
First, to test the water (bad pun), I would suggest Roman bath house and recreation figures - and all in the best possible taste.


* I have probably bought more of this Atlantic set than any other as the figures are so useful though I have a lot of sacrificed goat on an altar figures left over-any suggestions?. Some of the standing Greeks with head swaps even became Kenyan Mau Mau (actually a Kikiyu villager).

Re: Suggestions for future Romans

Greetings to Exeter from my home town "Colonia Victricensis"



Chariot and transport wagon set sedan chair


If you say gladiators and chariots you must also say spectators. I would build myself an arena and fill it with little plastic figures.

Now, if chariots, gladiators amd spectators will sell well, then we might also consider some border guards. I envision auxiliary with mixed Roman uniform and local clothing. That could be some fur coats for Germans, turbans for Arabs etc. Perhaps a bagpipe player for a troops garrisoned along the Hadrian wall.

museum and roman wall

Dear Ironsides

The Royal Albert Memorial Museum is next to the Roman wall, still your Castle Museum is on the site of a Roman temple and is far more impressive than ours. Opposite my kitchen I can see dressed stones that look suspiciously like Roman ones filched from the city wall. The bath house was directly in front of the West front of the Cathedral. Roman, Norman, sieges, English civil War there are lots of similarities between Colonia Victricensis and Isca Dumnoniiorum.


Re: museum and roman wall


sorry to interfere in your dialogue but what are the cities you are talking about? We are going for a UK tour in July, so that can become a place of a visit.

Bets regards,


Re: Re: museum and roman wall

Dear Strelets

Exeter (Isca Dumnoniiorum) in Devon and Colchester (Colonia Victricensis) in Essex. Colchester was very much to do with Bodicea(Boudicca) and the rebellion of the Iceni and the English Civil War. Exeter has a cathedral which is the main visitor attraction.

One of he best places for Roman things is the Corinium Museum in Cirencester, Gloucestershire and not too far from Bath which is on most UK tours.

The weather was very poor in June. If July is the same it will be the worst summer on record. Let's hope not. I am going to do things to my house windows, garage then a redecorate so bad weather will make everything difficult. Alternatively I may paint up my Light Brigade figures. My daughter has a break from college so I have to fit in the building work in July or not at all. I fancy not at all - Monday I will feel different.
Good luck with your tour and keep an eye on the weather forecasts.


Thanks David!

Re: Suggestions for future Romans

Dear Strelets
I'm not sure if I've ever been to Exeter(Isca Dumnoniiorum) but ive been to many other Old Roman towns in Britain... If you really want Roman though you should visit Carlisle and Hadrians wall there you will find the greatest number of roman military sites and Museums in Britain.. Definatly worth going to....its difficult though to travel round england without stumbling on something Roman including the roads....The British Museum in london is worth a visit if your there, but you will need plenty of time for it....
Colchester (Camulodunum also known as Colonia Victricensis founded by Claudius, its his temple the castles built on)has good roman remains and a fairly good museum in the Norman Keep Built by William and is the biggest in england even bigger then the tower of london..
However I now live across the Rhine somewhere in Barbarian territory where rome never went and roman names mean little.....and the talk is more of the Varus Schlacht and slaughter of the Legions...


Die Varusschlacht...Romes greatest defeat

Die Varusschlacht...Romes greatest defeat?....


Re: Die Varusschlacht...Romes greatest defeat

greetings to ironsides from the land of the cherusker, I can´t wait for next year, 09.09.09.Did Arminius have the date in mind ?? (though I still think Herr Clunn isn´t 100% correct)

Re: Re: Die Varusschlacht...Romes greatest defeat

Greeting Paul, I think the actual date in the year is unknown but must have been during the campaign season say april to october 9ad.. september is getting a little late I think and I would say its more likely the main event happened earlier in the year...Im certainly not convinced by the story on this site..

If varus was operating in "friendly" territory as this suggests would he have taken 3 complete legions plus auxiliarys with him, this would be enormously difficult to supply and probarbly not justified and would most likely be seen as beligerent by the local population...
This would make a good army on the march and battle Big box set and would probarbly sell well in Germany next year....

"Varus and the battle in the Teutoburger wald" set1 the army marches forth.

heres a link to a very good map detailing Roman sites in Britain notice the number of "temporary" marching forts..unfortunatly I know of nothing similar for germany yet...

look around the site you might suprised at the extent of the knowledge..