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Roman Cavalry on the March and in Battle in PSR

Roman Cavalry on the March is bretty good set i will buy this one soon. Roman Cavalry on the Battle is also good set

PS sad that Germany lost in football

Sad that Germany lost?

Sad for whom. It was a well deserved win by a far superior Spanish side.

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Re: Sad that Germany lost?

Blaah: it's just football so I couldn't care less - well except if it's about music then I really could care even less

Re: Re: Sad that Germany lost?

Exactly 3m, there´s other places to discuss that mind numbing game. to paraphrase an old saying ´Who cares who wins?

Re: Re: Re: Sad that Germany lost?

I've really very little interest in any sports myslef, yet I've still been a loud advocate for doing football teams and others in 1:72. So I'll take advantage of this side thread for yet another push for major league sports figures in small scale