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Re: Dacian Armour

It's nice to have some Dacian nobility, to lead the warriors into battle. Would someone consider to give us a Dacian King as well?

Here is a picture of the king's helmet:

I don't expect Strelets to do an entirely new set fo this, but perhaps Valdemar could step up to the plate and give us a Dacian King.

Re: Dacians

The Dacian cavalry with falx reminded me of an article I once read about American Civil War cavalry saber drill, which commented that it probably resulted in a lot of one-eared horses...

Re: Re: Dacians

I've just finished reading the chapter on ACW cavalry tactics and weapons in Brent Nosworthy's "Bloody Crucible of Courage". Some commanders apparently wanted lances issued, while others - mainly Confederate - recommended shotguns for close-quarters action. Sabers were pretty useless in closely-wooded country. The chapter also tells a great tale of conventionally-trained Union regular troopers being unable to cope with a left-handed Reb cavalryman in one of the rare saber v saber fights.