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Re: Dacians

Use of the two handed falx by horsemen is probarbly not possible... there does not appear to be any evidence for this...
Single handed falx is not a problem although smaller examples then those on the masters with shorter handles..


Trajans coloumn.....falx....

look here for the roman days 2003...

I think this pic puts the "Experiment" in Perspective


Re: Re: Dacians

For sure, Mounted Falxmen, NO WAY!

Would do better to put a Kontos bearing Sarmation
in the mix (with bow).

Still, it's good to get Mounted Dacians!

Re: Dacians

Hi Donald the wiki has a fairly good entry for Dacia see also Dacian wars....


Re: Re: Dacians

Thanks, mate.

Dacian Archers

This image of Trajans column shows dacian archers one at least seems to have a recurve compound bow, note the defenders look like auxiliarys..
Most weapons on the coloumn were bronze and were removed at some point in the past...

heres a link to Diurpaneus-Decebalus "the brave one"

the death of Decealus notice the sickle shaped knife he uses to cut his own throat


Burebista perhaps the greatest Dacian king


Dacians on Trajans Column

Here you will find many images of the dacian armies on Trajans column.....

The main site


Re: Dacians

unfortunatly the link to the search engine doesnt work go to the main page then to search put dacian in the search field to come up with 100+ images of dacians on trajans column



Dear Dacianistas

The BBC tv high brow quiz, Eggheads, recently had a Dacian question for the resident experts. Needless to say they got it right without hesitation. So did I. They must contribute to or read the Strelets forum.


Dacian Armour

It appears that mail was well know among the dacian elite one such find from Hunedoara consisted of a large mass of mail cut in small pieces the rings were riveted and very fine 5-6mm diameter... the burial also included a curved sickle knife, spear head shield boss(umbo)and horse bridle, this is not an isolated case there are many more...


Re: Dacian Armour

It's nice to have some Dacian nobility, to lead the warriors into battle. Would someone consider to give us a Dacian King as well?

Here is a picture of the king's helmet:

I don't expect Strelets to do an entirely new set fo this, but perhaps Valdemar could step up to the plate and give us a Dacian King.

Re: Dacians

The Dacian cavalry with falx reminded me of an article I once read about American Civil War cavalry saber drill, which commented that it probably resulted in a lot of one-eared horses...

Re: Re: Dacians

I've just finished reading the chapter on ACW cavalry tactics and weapons in Brent Nosworthy's "Bloody Crucible of Courage". Some commanders apparently wanted lances issued, while others - mainly Confederate - recommended shotguns for close-quarters action. Sabers were pretty useless in closely-wooded country. The chapter also tells a great tale of conventionally-trained Union regular troopers being unable to cope with a left-handed Reb cavalryman in one of the rare saber v saber fights.