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Re: Roman cavalry before battle


Pack horses

Dear Uwe ,Hank
Don't forget pack horses. This must be the easiest thing to come up with but nobody seems to do them. A two wheel Roman cart and pack horses would suffice for several centuries even a couple of millennia. Those poor Strelets Romans carrying all their equipment need help.


Re: Pack horses

Imex did do 3 pack muels. It almost made the Mexican cavalry worth buying!

Re: Re: Pack horses

Hi Jonathon,yes teh mules could even have a box of there own cover virtually all campaigns since romans to korea.24 would be a good number carrying assortment of goods and military equipment including stretchers.water ammunition box howitzers etc

Like Camel and elephants makers need to put in baby which always follow "trains' in africa.

Pack animals

A very good idea, not only pack mules but camels and elephants too. Maybe oxen are another idea!



Dear Uwe
Yes oxen would be ideal for a two wheel cart. The Pegasus California Mission Indians set has an ox cart. This cart is great for hot climes and low tech and the oxen are smallish (OK but a bit like youngsters being broken in). A spoked wheel version of the cart would be more common with wattle (woven split saplings), planking or wooden bar sides. The oxbow part is missing off the Pegasus yokes. Easy to fashion though from wire or plastic rod.

you may even be tempted to buy a real one


Re: Oxen Cart Photos

I posted photos of the Pegasus ox cart on my blog with spoked wheels taken from the HaT Celtic Queen and Chariot set. It would work for newer eras with rubber tired wheels.

Mike Creek

Re: Re: Oxen Cart Photos

Dear Mike

I like your idea for an updated version of the ox cart. There are so many things that can be converted from a set like the California Mission Indians.

A pity though there aren't more ox carts in the Pegasus set. I have done one with wattle or hurdle sides and one covered. I also rehorned the Imex oxen and hitched those to the Miniart Hussite wagons, also covered. The Imex oxen are indistinguishable from the Pegasus ones after this treatment. I must take some photos of them.


Re: Re: Re: One wagon is not enough per battalion

Equipment,up to ww1
Battalion Transport consisted of 13 riding , and 43 draught and pack horses. The provided the power for drawing the six ammunition carts, two water carts, three General Service Wagons (for tools and machine guns), and the MO's Maltese Cart. The Signallers had 9 bicycles. (Note: the Divisional Train also provided four more two-horsed GS Wagons for each Battalion.

All ranks carried a rifle - which for the regular battalions (and after the early days when all sorts of older equipment was supplied to the Territorial and Service Battalions, all of these were eventually similarly equipped) was the Short Magazine Lee-Enfield (SMLE). The only exceptions were officers, Pipers, Drummers, Buglers and the five man in each Battalion who carried range-finding instruments. All those carrying a rifle, except the RSM and other Staff-Sergeants, were also armed with the sword-bayonet.

Other Battalion equipment, over and above that carried by the man, included 120 shovels, 73 pickaxes, 20 felling axes, 8 hand axes, 46 billhooks, 20 reaping hooks, a hand saw, 32 folding saws and 8 crowbars. There was also a plethora of minor stores and spares.

The Battalion also carried a certain amount of ammunition, although this was backed up by the echelons of Transport at Brigade, Divisional and Lines of Communication levels. When added together, the supply per rifle came to 550 rounds per man. The Battalion Transport carried 32 boxes of 1,000 rounds, and each man could carry up to 120 rounds. The machine guns were each supplied with a total of 41,500 rounds of which 3,500 was carried with the gun, and 8,000 in regimental reserve.

Re: Re: Re: Re: One wagon is not enough per battalion

"46 billhooks, 20 reaping hooks" What are they harvesting the fruit trees between battles?

Yes, photos would be great, I would love to see your oxcart converstions. It is a great model. Such an unusual set, the Mission Indians, and yet so versatle. I only have three or four but it is one of those sets I will be buying one here and one there for years. The plow has many possibilities too.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: One wagon is not enough per battalion

Mike ....sounds liek you never laid a conventional mine field. or put up tents for the officers in a nice place.or more relevancy gathered/foraged feed/hay for horses, considering the equinine mass involved.

Mind you at the price of gas ...we may see horse drawn wagons back in military armies launching drones chuckel