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Re: WWI British & Honved Cavalry

I will not give up my hope for Austrians! WWI Austrian Infantry early (cap) and late (helmet/coat) plus the Honved Cavalry + hopefully in future- also Russia WWI Artillery, Austrian WWI Artillery.

Btw: What about the idea to produce with the new announced French Cavalry 1854:
1) French Dragons (which can be used also for 1870/71)
2) French Cuirassiers
3) French Carabiners
4) French Lanciers
5) Algerian Spahi (4.reg.)
6) Senegal Spahi 1886
7) French Chasseurs a cheval
8) French Hussars
9) French Command Cavalry
10)French Staff Cavalry

Re: Re: WWI British & Honved Cavalry

Dear Martin,

WWI winter Austrians are possible. Summer set was made by HaT already. We aren't too good with the artillery, therefore will leave it to HaT to make these sets as they have already started this series.

The possibility of other CW French cavalry sets is quite small unless we missed something from the historical records about their involvement in actual fighting. In this respect it will be more logical to complete the WWI line with French cavalry sets.

Best regards,


Re: WWI British & Honved Cavalry

It must be me doing something wrong. I was asking if and when the British and A-H cavalry are likely to put in an appearance, so I was expecting an answer along the lines of, say, "October" or, perhaps, "Sorry, we've changed our minds."

I don't understand why this should generate yet another over-excited, utopian wish-list that has got nothing to do with anything and seems to be posted just to show how many regiments the author knows about.

I should have thought that anyone seeing the title of this "thread" might expect to open it and read something about the subject.

No disrespect intended.

Dear Strelets, do you have any information? It would be much appreciated.

I thank you.

Re: WWI British & Honved Cavalry

Dear Warwick Hunt,

at the moment we don't have the ETDs.
Most probably Brits will be released towards the end of this year. Honved is a more distant prospect.
Please be guided accordingly.

Best regards,


Re: WWI British & Honved Cavalry

Thank you very much indeed. I shall look forward to them.

Re: Re: WWI British & Honved Cavalry

WW1 winter austrians seems something almost to good to be true:) the day Austria-hungary will get it's full due in 1/72 ww1 will be a great day.