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These are my candidates...

Hi all

As both a collector and a small scale manufacturer ( I have the following cavalry sets on my most wanted list:

VA202 Teutonic Cavalry Command
Know this is one of my own, but with seperate heads, weapons and some very impressive sculpturing, this is a very nice set and also the pose of a knight mounting his horse is special.

Their Polish Winged Hussars are fantastic!

Their Livonian knights

Best regards

Re: These are my candidates...

Gulliver confederates.

Re: Re: These are my candidates...

Revell's Chassears and their Household Cavalry I think - guys just sitting, swords a believable length, delicate detail, nicely proportioned, round-looking figures. Two of the nicest sets of any subject.

Re: Re: Re: These are my candidates...

Italeri's Union cavalry and Gulliver's Confederate riders.