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Re: Don't forget the comunications and unit structure

Ever since Airfix bestowed the standard 48 piece set on us 50 years ago, I have always wondered why we don't just get a platoon? Most modern armies have about 50 people in a platoon and yet we get set after set where even basic squad weapons and equipment are not in a box of 50 soldiers.

The second box should not be "heavy weapons" it should be the company set with those weapons, radios, officers that are unique to a company. The tripod mounted light machine guns, the 60 or 80mm mortars, the medium range radios.

The third box of figures on a given subject should be the "battalion set" with those items unique to a battalion. The 81 or 120mm mortars, the heavy AA machine guns, and long range radios. And so on up the chain of command for brigade, regiment and division.

Each set higher than the platoon set could have a few extra rifleman poses to make them more desirable so we don't buy 50 platoon sets and one division set, or simply increase the price of each set as they go up the chain of command.

I also wonder why plastic companies don't partner with a metal company to produce figures in the same style that will work together. A plastic platoon set with a metal division commander. Since metal sets can be profitable with fewer sales that seems a natural.