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Re: Re: Casualties are important

Hi Roland,

as usual you did a great job here. I always like
your work!

But sadly not everybody is so good with converting figures

A lot of the collectors don't convert figures, so they have to take what is offered by the manufactors.


Re: Re: Re: Casualties are important

but as has been said: the Emhar figures are simple to convert. I would prefer dead or wounded poses in a box, of course, as a diorama-maker.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Casualties are important

Dear Roland,

aggreed - a set of casualties is in my eyes as important as a pure set of standing or marching figures.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Casualties are important

I bought 12 boxes of the pegasus d-day rangers, because of the many dead and wounded.
And even those am I still converting, even the living ones: head without helmet, head other way lying down, even the medics I cut loose, to replace their position(difficult operation :-) ).
So dead and wounded are important to me!
Maybe one company should make a set of dead, wounded soldiers in a popular, well selling set(in plastic, I know metal sets=expensive): Napolean era, french line, guard, british, scots, prussians, french cuirassiers.
Waterloo will always be the most favourite diorama-subject.

Strelets Medieval eezy peezy casualty conversion

Dear All

This must be the easiest and best to convert to a casualty for Medieval fans:
In the Strelets Medieval Levy set 1 M005 in the "Figures" photo - first row first figure on the left (with club). This is the target. Cut off the club do not use the shield. Bend at the knees to lean backwards. Small cut under the neck and bend head back slightly. You can leave the stub on the figure for the shield as a crossbow bolt (in the midriff -100% fatal in those days). The expression on the figure's face is so good for this conversion.
The fourth from the left has potential as well.

I agree that there should be casualty sets. In my opinion the Strelets Charge of the Light Brigade walking/riding casualties are some of the nicest figures made in plastic and deserve a much wider use for other periods. If they were sold as a separate set (not in a big box )I would buy lots- I am sure others would. Massima Costa's pics of his excellent conversions and paintjobs in parts 1-4 show how good they are.

for massimo

Dear Massimo
See I can get it right. A typing slip by me not a gender change for you. Sorry. Your figures are great and more in your galleries at Soldatini on Line.


Re: for massimo

Dear David,
No problem for your mistake, if you wont notice regard my casualty conversion send me a mail, for the position and drammatic move i inspired to classic picture. Sorry for my english language. I dont speak very well english.