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Re: WWI for WWII?

Anything is possible, but ... have a look at and following pages has a few drawings that show them in more Hungarian???/German influenced helmets (I do recall seeing some Eastern European infantry in these helmets, but can't recall which) just prior to WW2.

Have a great day, Frank

Re: Re: WWI for WWII?

Those German looking helmets were the 1936 model, and discarded in 1941 to be and replaced by the 'classic' soviet helmet 1941. During the first months of operation Babarossa this old 1936 helmet was still worn.
Some Baltic states used mainly German equipment, But Romania, Tsechoslovakia and Poland all used other types of helmets. The Romanians used the French Adrian just prior to the world war, and some service troops were still equipped with them in 1941. Hungary had German helmets I think.