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Strelets German Dragoons 0045

Today I got my first set of Strelets First World War Dragoons. They were dark gray plastic with no flash. The riders fit the horses okay, perhaps a bit tight, but I don't mind that.

There are a couple goofy looking poses out of the twelve but that means about 90% perfect! The horses are quite ice, I like them. The set was $11.50 plus tax at Brookhurst Hobbies in Garden Grove, CA. So I paid about a dollar per figure and horse.

Over time I suspect I will get a few more of these as I can. With all the new WWI sets, I have been increasing the numbers of my WWI figures. I do the late part of WWI, the US Army and their Allies and enemies. So these late war Germans are just right.

I recently got a box of the HaT early war French, but I will probably use them mostly for colonial as FFL. I have mixed in a few with my Americans as US Army troops were trained by the French in WWI.

Re: Strelets German Dragoons 0045

Yeay, those Strelets ww1 cavalry sets are nice. My favourite is the Russian Cossacks in winter uniform. Lovely, great coated men on horses:)



Re: Strelets German Dragoons 0045

"There are a couple goofy looking poses out of the twelve..."

Like the guy firing his rifle to the right?..from horseback? There's another one like that in the German Hussars set. Dear me, this is a question of basic human anatomy, Strelets

Sorry to disagree, guys, but after some lovely Crimean War sets, most of these WW1 cavalry were a huge disappointment to me (just my humble personal opinion of course). The WW1 Russian Dragoons and Kuban/Terek Cossacks in particular as I was hoping to use them for RCW gaming but I found I was better off using the Crimean Cossacks instead.

Having said that I've bought several boxes of the two new WW1 Russian infantry sets as they've got a lot of nice, useful a few annoyances - bow legs (rickets must have been common); feet facing in all directions, etc.

Let's hope the return to form continues!