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STRELETS Swedish Reitars of Charles XII

Hi, whilst scanning PSR I came across this set and wondered if (with head swaps) these figures could be converted to ECW cavalry? Not knowing much about this period but being aware of the lack of 1/72 cav for 17th Cent conflicts, I thought I would pose this to the forum to see what the experts think? I'm a keen converter and would be interested to hear if anybody thinks this is feasible and what work would need to be done to achieve a 'passable' result?


Re: STRELETS Swedish Reitars of Charles XII

I have been thinking just that myself, but now that Mars are releasing copies of the Revell 30YW cavalry I'll try to get hold of them first, and maybe try some Reitar conversions later for variety.

Re: STRELETS Swedish Reitars of Charles XII

You could use them using ehads or helmets from more era appropriate sets in lieu of the tricorns, but IMO
1) I doubt that a large portion of ECW horse was armed with carbines. These would likely have to be trimmed off.
2) The horse furniture looks a little too modern and military for the ECW.
Still when you don't have what you need this may be your next best option. I'm hoping ACTA will downsize their 1/32 ECW horse.

Re: Re: STRELETS Swedish Reitars of Charles XII

remember that the Reitars have turn backs, while most ECW cavalry would have had buff coats see:,29.158.885.jpg
So, if you make some buff coat out of model putty, and put some helmets on the bodies, you will have some ECW looking cavalry. (apart form the horse furniture and carbine's points Bill mentioned)

Re: Re: Re: STRELETS Swedish Reitars of Charles XII

Thanks for the advice chaps, looks like a conversion is possible with a bit of work, should be fun! BTW, does anybody know of any ECW uniform websites?

Thanks again

Re: Re: Re: Re: STRELETS Swedish Reitars of Charles XII

take a look at this web site for the biggest and oldest re-enactment society in the U.K, should give you all the leads you want

cheers old john

Great link, cheers old john!