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Re: WWI Russians.

Thank you, Frank. A very interesting site, but equally frustrating. The Russian model based on the Adrian was made in Finland, which was then part of Russia. Although production was from 1915 and distribution in 1917, the accompanying pics only show it in use in the late twenties to late thirties. There are French Adrians with Russian badges, but no dates of service or contemporary photos. shows the "Soviet M1915 Adrian", obviously post-Revolution since it has a hammer & sickle on the badge, and the accompanying photo of troops wearing it in Leningrad is from the twenties.

One glimmer of hope: there are some pics of troops in Romania in 1916 and 17 with Adrians. In one, at the battle of Marasti, it's hard to tell whether the men are Russian or Romanian, and the latter did have Adrians. However, there's a pic of Russians in Dobrudja, Eastern Romania, and at least three Adrians can be seen on the men's packs. Russian troops moved into the area shortly after Romania's entry into the War, in late 1916, so it's just possible that these are French-supplied Adrians.

Although it's a possibility, it still shows that they were a comparative rarity and are over-represented in the Strelets sets, making them more suitable for the Civil War.

Any chance of a response from Strelets?

Re: Re: WWI Russians.

Dear Mr.Hunt,

it makes no sence to calculate the proportions of soldiers in helmets and in hats for one simple reason: HaT released a set with peaked hats and we decided to make a set in helmets.
Best regards,


Re: Re: Re: WWI Russians.

Further to our previous message for those of you who are interested in this war, you may check the following link:


Re: WWI Russians.

Thank you for your kind reply.

The reason I raised the matter is that the Adrian was extremely rare amongst Russian troops, and I remain to be convinced about the Lewis gun, which appeared late in the War, if at all. That restricts the set's usefulness for The Great War, although it is well suited to the Civil War.

Re: Re: WWI Russians.

It should still work for Russian troops serving on the western and Salonika fronts where, judging from photos, the Adrian was more common.

Re: WWI Russians.

Dear Strelets,

Thank you for the link to the reenactors' site. Extremely interesting. There are a couple of "Finnish" helmets and also two Adrians on show. One assumes that the reenactors have done their research, and the proportion of helmets is very small.