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Re: Re: Re: Medieval Turks

Dear Graham,

Actually there are 2 sets of Janissaries although I admit that the Zvedza set is way too big. Also for Light Cavalry Types I also use the Mamlukes from Hat or Zvedza (again Zvedza too big and the only opponent to date the oversized Italeri Austrian Infantry).

Best regards,


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Replying to:

Lucky Toys were/are a promising company, their Huns were criticised for accuracy by many but technically were very nice figures. Unfortuately, most of what they have done since - with the exception of the Indians - has been dogged by poor production standards. If they are still around I hope they recover form and do produce the promised sets. I would second late medieval/Renaissance Turks as the Ottomans were a really important military power and all we have at present is one, albeit lovely, set of Janissaries.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Medieval Turks

Actually there is no set of Zvezda mamalukes, those big guys you mean are Italeri as well.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Medieval Turks

I have been waiting two years for the Vlad the impaler and Turks. I think if I ever want these figures Ill have to go metal....