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Russian vs. Sweden

The Zvezda Strelets Infantry are made for the 1600-1660 'Eastern Wars' of the Thirty Years War period. They going excellently with Revell's Thirty Year Wars period figures -Swedes as well as the Imperials. At this time there were 'conflicting' sets of wars going on in the eastern European area. Sweden against Poland-Lithuania, Sweden against Tsardom of Russia [ for which the Strelets infantry were the major Muscovite forces], the Muscovites against Poland-Lithuania.....other conflicts were the Cossack uprisings and the Ottoman wars.
A lot of material is on the internet:

Take a look at these...and then you will have names and dates to SEARCH. Figures coming-up from several manufacturers...Zvezda, Orion bring Cossack force into your Muscovite army. Also, Luckey Toys Attila and Black Huns, and Italeri's Saracen and Mongels add can add some figures.