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Re: Re: Question on Russian vs. Sweden

The swedes and the russian fought some wars in the 17th century, for example from 1607-1615 and 1656-1658. For these wars you could used the mentioned sets.
In 1699 Peter the great disbanded the Strelets as a military unit, so apart from some very early fighting the Zvezda strelets have no use in the GNW.

an introducion to the 17th century russian amries is the Osprey MAA 427 Armies of Ivan the terible, Russian troops 1505-1700.
The armies of the day also had manny cossacks, so you could find some use in the Orion cossacks too.

The Russians also fought the Polish and the turks in these days, so the Polish winged hussars form orion and the upcomming ones from Zvezda. (Zvezda will also release a set of 'austrian infantry 17th century', wich unboubtly could also serve as swedes.

A good website is:



Re: Question on Russian vs. Sweden

Steven-I am not sure precisely which campaigns you had in mind. I tend to agree with PSR that the Zvezda set depicts the Swedes as they would likely have appeared in the later stages of the GNW, where the Strelets Swedish infantry is better for the early war. You could probably get away with mixing these two sets for Swedish GNW armies but the Zvezda set is probably too modern to depict any Swedish army before 1700.

The Revell 30YW Swedes probably would be acceptable for Swedish forces in the campaigns of Charles X (although I tend to think armor would have been rare and most musketeers would have used muskets without rests, but I could be wrong on this). As for the campaigns of Charles XI you could probably get by with using certain infantry from the Strelets GNW Swedish infantry and using the Strelets Swedish Reiters for horse, perhaps with some head swaps from the Revell 30YW Swedish infantry sets.

As for literature there is a great deal of information on the web on these campaigns, much of which can be found through links on the northern wars sites or through Google searches.

Russian vs. Sweden

The Zvezda Strelets Infantry are made for the 1600-1660 'Eastern Wars' of the Thirty Years War period. They going excellently with Revell's Thirty Year Wars period figures -Swedes as well as the Imperials. At this time there were 'conflicting' sets of wars going on in the eastern European area. Sweden against Poland-Lithuania, Sweden against Tsardom of Russia [ for which the Strelets infantry were the major Muscovite forces], the Muscovites against Poland-Lithuania.....other conflicts were the Cossack uprisings and the Ottoman wars.
A lot of material is on the internet:

Take a look at these...and then you will have names and dates to SEARCH. Figures coming-up from several manufacturers...Zvezda, Orion bring Cossack force into your Muscovite army. Also, Luckey Toys Attila and Black Huns, and Italeri's Saracen and Mongels add can add some figures.