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Re: Dacians

Cristian So it would seem from what you have wrote that these new sets from Strelets are going to be very useful in lots of ways. Having in a couple of boxes figures that can fight Persians, Macedonians, Greeks and Celts will be wonderful It is amazing that such a poweful people are not so well known of today. Or maybe they are and it is just my ignorance on this subject that is at fault., that is a fault I hope to put right. Thank you once again for all the information.

Re: Dacians

Thanks a lot and indeed, Dacians were very powerful. So powerful than the Romans were very scared of them and tried more times to conquer them. Also the country was (and still is) famous for its gold and other resources. The Romans were defeated a lot of times, but finally Traian succeeded to conquer them in 106 ac. With that victory and with Dacia incorporated, the Roman Empire reached its largest dimension ever known.
If you want to know more things about the Dacians, just ask.
I would also like to say that Dacains were masters in tricks, a famous one being done by Decebalus (his name was Duras Durpaneus, the Dacain king during the wars with Traian. In order to scare the romans and to get more time, he ordered that all the trees for an entire forest to be cut down at the hight of a man and to the woods to be attached weapons. The trick was successful, the Romans being scared by the large number of soldiers...
A major tactic of the Dacians implied weakening the enemy through starvation and thirst. This tactic of burning everything along the way of the enemies, as well as poisoning the water sources and then haressing the enemy with cavalry attacks (for this reason and for keeping the liaison between units Dacains use their cavalry)was continued by the Romanians during the middle eve, like this succeeding to defeat for so many times their enemies, does not matter if they were Otoman, Hungarian or Polish ...