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I agree with Bill

Bill your lengthy posts are always worth reading.
May your typing finger (I only use one) continue to strengthen.

Re: I agree with Peter

Peter not that I wouldn't be happy to see, say, Dutch & Belgian carabiniers for Waterloo appear.And a lot of others.
cheers, donald

Re: Is the Golden Age Coming to an End???

Jason has asked a very pertinent question here,the big 3 as he calls them are still maintaining a steady output of figure sets but overall the output has slowed drastically since 2005/6.In replying to the post various people have mentioned the future releases promised by each manufacturer but many of these sets have been supposedly in developement,with little if any progress for the whole 2 years since I connected to the internet and began looking at hobby-related sites,and I think it's safe to assume some of them will never see the light of day.
I'm not trying to go out of my way to be pessimistic but as the world economy falters,I think production will contract further,some manufacturers will drop out of the market and the trend towards more mainstream subjects such as Romans,WW2 etc will outstrip less popular campaigns.