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Re: strelets

I'm sorry to say this but,

I really think you are going over the edge Hank. Sorry

As for sets that are long due I cannot think of a company that doesn't have that. Except that most don't have a forum where to complain. By the way, just saw on another forum this morning a complaint about a set that is around for completion for 4 years!!!!

The point is that a company must do what it considers best for its business. I often get frustrated because sets I would like to get quicker are left behind, but more than everything we are talking of a passion that is for us no more than a hobby. Come'on if we can't get on the edge of war for a bunch of plastic figures. How many years did we wait to have the wealth of plastic figures we now enjoy? The so called golden age as it was discussed further up?

As for Strelets I really do enjoy the figures and get as many as I possibly can. On the other hand I don't do medievals but think others have the right to like them.

Just an idea

Re: Re: strelets - indirect effect

if i had cw Turks i would need alot more Russians Also i would need alot more French (and Sardinians also for the later battles in teh peninsula.)Kars and Silistra are always easily forgotten.Many more campaigns in balkans , use against arabs also(hello)....

Charge of the Light Brigade needs Chaseurs D'Afrique and Turks to compliment so much effort put into teh existing figures fromn that battle.

Strelets could do a mini set just to get out of this sticky situation they put themselves in .fed up with excuses like many others.Indirect effect like indirect fire will pay off threefold.

Chasseurs D'afrique on teh table adds 2 more brigades and artillery(french/russian).

Turks on teh table opens up bigger battles. The charging of the redoubts.Make your war table look good. maybe Colorful Tunisians in one redoubt.Eupatoria even adds a egyptian gunboat artillery and piles of russians.At least those buying gunboats get another option.Many people not even heard of Omar Pasha.