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Re: Re:/Nap and CW /"educational art of war "sets

re the Napoleonic movie "Duelist " for research i correct in saying that we could have mini sets Dismounted Hussars in correct fencing poises.This would also be an educational set/Also a mounted poise set with various sabre techniques.En avant mes amis !

the Crimean Britsh Grenadiers i think would be good to put in the positions/poses/stages of loading firing. With CW Russian Marines bayonetting poses a la morte !

Re: Re: Re:/Nap and CW /"educational art of war "sets

I would be interested to see some wild looking Turkish cavalry sets, as with some imagination I could also use them for WW1 and the Napoleonic wars.

Re: Re: Re: Re:/Nap and CW /"educational art of war "sets

Bashi Bouzuks could be useful from the Napleonic period up to the colonial wars.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:/Nap and CW /"educational art of war "sets

What do they look like? (I know I could probably google them but this is easier and may well be more reliable).

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:/Nap and CW /"educational art of war "sets

Hi Jonathan,

they were a mixed bunch of original Balkan and Turkish origin. So the dress was the same as for example Albanians in the 19th century.

So you could use Zouaves to paint them, while for horsemen it would be much more difficult.

Take a look at this link:

It would give you a little idea about it.

Ral Partha has a range of 25mm figures, which are true 25, so exact 1/72. You can get the figures from

They have two Bashi Bouzuks, sadly the photos are bad. Maybe I should search mine out and send a photo to Strelets for the Contribution page?

I hope this helps.