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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: British WW1 Cavalry

dear strelets - i think that your estimate of the number of people who would be interested in purchasing cw turks is quite low - such figures could be used for the entire period from the cw to 1914 - so lets get from the on deck to the plate on the cw turks

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: wise up STRELETS

For 3 years you(NOBODY ELSE) have been putting back the release of the CW Turks. I would have purchased much many more figures if CW Turks were available.

The whole STrelets CW range is THEREFORE effectiveLY dead. You have been promoting(CORRECT ?) the advance production of CW Turks for at least 3 years. Thats false advertising in my book.

Otherwise Its an incomplete range and you do deserve every SINGLE critique that you get for not producing them. It is impacting your reputation moreso than you are probally aware as you are extending your ranges, the gaps YOU create are getting wider to the collector.

Your mention that other manufacturers have made some figures merely passes the buck.Others have made cuirassieurs and lancers etc etc yet you make them.So that extinguishes your own theory on that SO TAKE IT RIGHT BACK ON THE CHIN dude.

In all fairness I think you should warn future collectors not to expect complete ranges from you.

To say only 5 people buy cw turks is irrelevant,if those 5 people were to buy every set of them that you made you would be just as happy.(yes I can play teh numbers game too.)

Without CW Turks there makes it only a few of hundreds of CW battle or wargame diorama possible. You are surpressing your own figure sales potential, plus misleading collectors with this LETS FACE IT arrogance.

idea for Hank

I'm sure that Strelets would be easily convinced to produce CW Turks if part of the production were to be prefinanced. Let's say, 5 customers prepaid for 100 sets each, that would be 500 sets. In addition to orders from dealers I would imagine that this would be a sufficient cushion to minimize the financial risk of such an adventure. You could probably even buy the name rights to the set, like 'Hank's Turks' and get your picture on the box cover for an additional fee. BTW, that would be a nice thing to have, Dave Hennen as an ACW soldier, Mike Creek as a German WW2 General etc. Strelets should have an auction for this to reduce manufacturing costs even further...

Re: idea for Hank

Hi Jan, I do not think my ugly face and broken nose would help sell anything except skin lotion, chuckle.
I am not teh media friendly from experience.So I think 2-gun-texas-Dave and Mike-currahee-creek and yourself better pictorial models.

I do put money where mouth is and am one of at least 10(that means ten strelets) similar people contributing to Uwe's 2nd group which is in the process making CWTurks 1.72 figures.(1st group making Indian Sepoys).For 20+ people to do this , is a clear message to manufacturers.

Strelets do this as a hobby.i agree amd liek the idea Jan, that a little investment from customers adds an extra business dimension but perhaps strelets are not geared for such innovation.

Strelets talk about risk ,Romans etc well i dont see any with CW Turks.Here we have a truly great Russian CW army with no decent matching opponents on teh market(inc emhars esci etc etc inferiors).Its a half baked cake we have been left with.

Re: Re: idea for Hank

Dear Strelets,

I don't wanted to focus myself on the Turks, as we spoke often before about this subject. As a collector I am happy with marching Romans as I would be with the Turks.
Thanks for taking the risk of producing new stuff. I hope you will take the same risk in the future with lesser known subjects. In my eyes the Crusade sets, the Romans (ok, not the ones in battle, we have enough of them) were very welcome to me.

On the other hand I can understand Hank's point. As a diorama builder I would like to create battle-dioramas which are still not possible because several units are missing. For example the Alma where I need the Guards and allied artillery. For Inkerman British in greatcoats. I know that you would come in the future with more CW figures as I am sure you would keep your promises, but I would like to complete my armies soon. I think that is the "problem" of every collector.

We know you are a enthusiasts too and so you will produce figures which would take a risk to produce but which you would like yourself. Go on with this policy and give us more exotic stuff in the future. The Russian history has a lot of wars that are still not covered and I am sure I have ideas for new sets that would give you work for the next 10 years.

Beside this I would suggest to complete the ranges you started because of the reasons I mentioned above. Maybe Boer-war artillery, early Swedish infantry for the GNW, some eastern enemies for the Romans etc.

Thanks for completing the Russian 1812 cavalry with all units covered now!


A Strelets thank you

Dear Strelets, to read some posts one could feel that you were an evil organisation, so here's one the other way.

I quite like some of your sets, and buy them when they work for me (Naps in my case), so I never get tired of new sets arriving. I would like some more, such as command for the recent French and Russians, but am prepared to wait without getting angry. The french staff that you released filled a massive whole, and I still dream that you wil release a set for the Allies on horseback to complimemnt the fantastic foot figures you made.

With the CW, I do not have any, but am severly tempted by the two big box sets just to paint up, as the examples I have seen look great.

To you guys getting angry - please don't. Try to enjoy what comes, and to ask nicely for your favourites. But I cannot help but feel that being rude does none of us any favours.


The agitator here is strelets ... they need to stop telling us oranges but give us apples. the story is 3 years old and 30 sets later.

Anger , is a forum incited exaggeration, being a blatant poor cover up attempt for the lack of integrity it hilites.

Its all only words, and if you cant handle words.... then you can go pound sand.

Re: strelets

I'm sorry to say this but,

I really think you are going over the edge Hank. Sorry

As for sets that are long due I cannot think of a company that doesn't have that. Except that most don't have a forum where to complain. By the way, just saw on another forum this morning a complaint about a set that is around for completion for 4 years!!!!

The point is that a company must do what it considers best for its business. I often get frustrated because sets I would like to get quicker are left behind, but more than everything we are talking of a passion that is for us no more than a hobby. Come'on if we can't get on the edge of war for a bunch of plastic figures. How many years did we wait to have the wealth of plastic figures we now enjoy? The so called golden age as it was discussed further up?

As for Strelets I really do enjoy the figures and get as many as I possibly can. On the other hand I don't do medievals but think others have the right to like them.

Just an idea

Re: Re: strelets - indirect effect

if i had cw Turks i would need alot more Russians Also i would need alot more French (and Sardinians also for the later battles in teh peninsula.)Kars and Silistra are always easily forgotten.Many more campaigns in balkans , use against arabs also(hello)....

Charge of the Light Brigade needs Chaseurs D'Afrique and Turks to compliment so much effort put into teh existing figures fromn that battle.

Strelets could do a mini set just to get out of this sticky situation they put themselves in .fed up with excuses like many others.Indirect effect like indirect fire will pay off threefold.

Chasseurs D'afrique on teh table adds 2 more brigades and artillery(french/russian).

Turks on teh table opens up bigger battles. The charging of the redoubts.Make your war table look good. maybe Colorful Tunisians in one redoubt.Eupatoria even adds a egyptian gunboat artillery and piles of russians.At least those buying gunboats get another option.Many people not even heard of Omar Pasha.