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Re: another napoleonic ? from a beginner

The line Chasseurs wore the shako as depicted with the Hat and Italeri sets. The Revell set are Guard Chasseurs wearing the fur busby. These could also be used as the elite company in a line Chasseur regiment.
In the French Imperial Staff set the figures are naturally the Guard Chasseurs that accompanied Napoleon as a personal body guard. Although in that set they wear full dress uniform rather than the campaign uniform shown by Revell. In the artillery set although they can be used as elite chasseurs or the elite company from a hussar regiment they are in fact supposed to represent a couple of mounted guard horse artillery.

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Re: Re: another napoleonic ? from a beginner

thats what i kind of figured for those,but what about the 1 pose in the light cavalry set,the busby looks different than the revell set.

when you say campaign dress does that mean different headgear as well.(im sorry for not having the headgear terms down yet).i understand the plumes are for elite but it also looks like a tall hat as well.


Re: Re: Re: another napoleonic ? from a beginner

Hello Tom!
There were some minor differences with the busbies as you point out: the light cav. busby you speak of is of the elite company (chasseurs and hussars) and the main difference with that of the guard chasseurs is that the funny bag (that is on top of the headgear) faces the opposite side (I think). The plume is also always in the middle/front as opposed to the guard chasseurs who have it on the left side.

In campaign dress the men always removed these decorations and left the busby plain and simple (revell set) or covered with protective oilskin covers.

Since an image is worth a thousand words, I could send you some images of line chasseurs, hussars and guard chasseurs' busbies and dresses. What do you say?

Re: Re: Re: Re: another napoleonic ? from a beginner

thanks i appreciate it.