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Re: Re: Re: Re: I need crossbows

I agree, you should buy what is available since the manufacturer will be encourage to produce more sets

Good Point Guys

You guys make a very good point, I guess I could just buy the available sets and put them away until the crossbow set comes out. But like I said, as a wargamer it's extremely frustrating missing a major component of an army. It does seem that the best course of action is to both support Strelets with purchases and keep up the pressure so they produce the sets we want and need. Thanks for your perspective guys.

How about metal????

In the mean time, do any of you guys have any suggestions with 25mm metal figures? I heard that the older models are small compared to the new 25mm(actually 28mm). Strelets and certainly Zvezda sets are slightly over-sized, so maybe I could match some up as a stop gap. Any suggestions? Old Glory? I have never owned any metal figs so I can't compare. Thanks

Re: How about metal????

I think Old Glory would be massively over scale - there is a british manufacturer 'Tumbling Dice' who do a range of actual 1/72 metal figures which are absolutely compatible with plastics and this includes crossbowmen - there is one in their Norman/Breton range which I expect would be most appropriate for the Crusades and a couple in their War of the Roses range which might not match so well. Here is their website

Re: Re: How about metal????

Just to continue Graham Korn's suggestion of Tumbling Dice, I have their Viking packs on the way to me now and I'll let you know what I think about them compared to Strelets Vikings.

307. CHAINMAIL CROSSBOWMEN is the set you want I think

Oh and how about the Valdemar set: Mercenary Crossbowmen?

Re: I need crossbows

Check out Thunderbolt Mountain's 25 mm Arthurian range. Though somewhat taller than most 1/72 plastic sets, they are much truer to human proportions than most metal sculpts. Unfortunately the crossbowman they offer is probably over-armored (chainmail, helm and quilted gambeson) for the Crusades.

Anyway, check out a comparison pick here-

Lots of crossbowmen in plastic...

If you need crossbowmen then have a look here:

The set will be made in plastic, weapons will be in metal as the set will come with both crossbows and swords/axes.

We expect to release the set in june/july.

Best regards