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Re: foot military order knights

The mounted order knights have already been released by both Italeri (Teutonic) and Zvedza (Livonian). 2 different sets that are compatible with each other and also with the Military Order Seargents and Foot produced by Stretlets.

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hello strelets
great figures but i hope more poses(swordsman)
and where are my mounted order knights
your roman are wonderful too and i want more( archer command)
thank you for your good work

Re: foot military order knights

thank you malcolm i know this two sets
but i would like to have the strelets monted knights

Re: foot military order knights

This set looks very nice and I hope that Strelets will make an acompanying set in attacking/melee poses.

Re: Re: foot military order knights

They look pretty good but I think its time that you increase the quality of the attached spears. They look like a piece of s..t as always...

Re: Re: Re: foot military order knights

Hmmm.... if your s..t look like strelets´ spears maybe you should go to the doctor to check your internals