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Re: Dacians

Dear Strelets

Another Crimean big box suits me. Maybe figures for the Russian side this time. May I suggest Russian Artillery to face the Light Brigade, maybe artillery men fighting for their lives as the light brigade moves in! Or maybe A big box of Russian cavalry. Keep up the good work.

Re: Re: Dacians

Dear Noel,

now that Light and Heavy brigades charges are represented we'll have to complete the Thin Red Line affair and Balaclava will be covered more or less sufficiently.



Re: Thin Red Streak (AKA thin Red line)

Dear Strelets
First I must thank you for the Heavy Brigade set 902
They are superb and a great addition to the Crimea series.
When you make the Big box set for the 'thin red streak tipped with steel' please include a lot of Turkish Infantry. After all, to be historically correct, the 'Thin red Line' was more than 30% Blue with the Turkish Infantry that had retreated from the overwhelming odds at the redoubts to form up with the Scotties.
Also Hank and I will have to find something else to write to you about.
Best regards

Re: Re: Thin Red Streak (AKA thin Red line)

Dear Murat,

the problem with the Turks is that the sourses are rather scarce. The link that was recommended to us some time ago contains a few versions of the Turks uniforms. Now we will have a dilemma which one to make .
Best regards,


Re: Re: Re: Thin Red Streak (AKA thin Red line)

Dear Strelets
I am sure you will make the right choice.
However, one of make Grandad's philosphies could work here. Although it was first coined when trying to decide which woman to settle with.
It goes like this "When faced with a difficult choice, don't choose have them all."
In other words if you include a selection of Turks we would buy them. . . and my Grandad would be proud of you.
Best regards

Re: Dacians

I am from Romania and Dacians and Romans are our ancestors. Since we were in the kindergarden we learnt the traditional garment of the Dacians, which is still very close to the one worn at present in some regions from Romania. We also learnt that the regular people, named "comati", from which there were recruted the soldiers, worn nothing on their heads. Only the nobles, called "pileati" or "tarabostes" worn that hat on their heads. Except many other soruces not so famous in the world, but that exist, another major source for the accuracy of these information can be found on the Coloumn of Traian in Rome. As I remember correctely, the Coloumn was sculptured after few years from the war. Furthermore, the guy who did it, Apollodor from Damascus, also made the first bridge over the Danube in order the Roman army to pass easier the river during the second Roman-Dacian war in 105-106. So this guy took part at the campaign and have the opportunity to see a lot of Dacians....
The set in case looks to have to many nobles, much more than regular soldiers, its like a WWII German Infantry full of officers...
On the other hand, I am proud and wish to thank LW for this set and looking forward to seeing more...
I also noticed a further set with dacian cavalry...
very interesting, especially because the Dacians prefer to fight on foot and the most important cavalry they used it was one of their allies, the sarmats...

Re: Dacians

An interesting and informative post Cristian. Could you tell me who else apart from the Romans did the Dacians fight against?

Re: Dacians

Thanks a lot Noel, and regading your question, here there are some enemies of Dacians.
I have also to say that Dacian was the name given by the Romans while the ancient Greeks called the same people "Gets".So "Gets" or "Dacians" are just the same people.

Wars of Dacians (Gets)
514 bc - against Persans led by Darius. With that occasion Herodot called the Dacians "the bravest and fairest from all the Tracians".

335 bc - against Macedonians led by Alexandru the Great the battle was right on the bank of the Danube, where macedonians landed and ended with no winner. Alexandru entered a little inside the territory, but decided to retreat after several kilometers for fear not to be destroyed. He retreated without conquering anything.

A few years later, also against Macedonians led by General Zopyrion, (Alexandru named him Governor of the Pont while he was in campaign). Almost all his army destroyed by Dacians.

Again against Macedonians led by Lisimah, King of Macedonia (two battles) in the first Dacians captured Lisimah's son, Agatocle.
The next battle they captured Lisimah and his entire army. Dacians led by Dromichete, the first major Dacian king, prefered to release Lisimah instead of kiling him. he also got married with Lisimah's daughter, establishing in this way a valuable alliance.

Battles against Celts, forcing them to avoid passing on Dacian territory in their migration.

200 bc - against bastarns

Burebista was the first king succeeding to unify all the dacians tribes, establishing a huge kingdom. Romans felt the danger and Caesar prepared to start a campaign that could change the hisory if he was defeted by dacians. Unfortunately he was killed in 44 bc, and the same faith had the dacain king Burebista, being also killed in the same year. Through the death of Caesar, the Romans were not a danger anymore, and Burebista, a very exigent king was murdered by nobles "tarabostes".
burebista also faught against Celts, Boiis, Bastarns and Greek colonies from the Black Sea (Pontus Euxinus).

Hope you will find something of your interest in the above data.
I also forgot to say in the previous post that the regular people/soldiers had long hair cut very short on the forehead. In summer bare headed while in winter they wore hoods on their heads.

Re: Dacians

Cristian So it would seem from what you have wrote that these new sets from Strelets are going to be very useful in lots of ways. Having in a couple of boxes figures that can fight Persians, Macedonians, Greeks and Celts will be wonderful It is amazing that such a poweful people are not so well known of today. Or maybe they are and it is just my ignorance on this subject that is at fault., that is a fault I hope to put right. Thank you once again for all the information.

Re: Dacians

Thanks a lot and indeed, Dacians were very powerful. So powerful than the Romans were very scared of them and tried more times to conquer them. Also the country was (and still is) famous for its gold and other resources. The Romans were defeated a lot of times, but finally Traian succeeded to conquer them in 106 ac. With that victory and with Dacia incorporated, the Roman Empire reached its largest dimension ever known.
If you want to know more things about the Dacians, just ask.
I would also like to say that Dacains were masters in tricks, a famous one being done by Decebalus (his name was Duras Durpaneus, the Dacain king during the wars with Traian. In order to scare the romans and to get more time, he ordered that all the trees for an entire forest to be cut down at the hight of a man and to the woods to be attached weapons. The trick was successful, the Romans being scared by the large number of soldiers...
A major tactic of the Dacians implied weakening the enemy through starvation and thirst. This tactic of burning everything along the way of the enemies, as well as poisoning the water sources and then haressing the enemy with cavalry attacks (for this reason and for keeping the liaison between units Dacains use their cavalry)was continued by the Romanians during the middle eve, like this succeeding to defeat for so many times their enemies, does not matter if they were Otoman, Hungarian or Polish ...