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Re: Re: Re: Re: Question: What's this???

And the description says 50 figures. 50 figures in a cavalry set? Dont think so!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Question: What's this???

Set Imex 553 round hat infantry in PSR review and in my personal opinion are dismounted round hat cavalry. The majority of the men are armed with lances, not muskets, although some are armed with muskets. The uniform style and everything would support this so, that is the e-bay seller is just more accurate than IMEX.

Re: Question: What's this???

Granted that the round hat infantry are in fact dismounted cavalry but the art shows mounted troops on this box and it doesnt say or give any indication there are no horses...this is at best misleading at worst downright dishonest....Imex site doesnt show this box or the round hat infantry...
I suspect its a fake..


DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!

DO NOT buy from this guy!!!!!!! I wrote him & asked him to send photos of the figures in this set. I explained why I wanted the photo & he refused stating he couldn't open the boxes! This guy is obviously a scam artist so avoid him like the plague!!!!!!!