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Russian Civil War sets

dear stelets

That really cool that you made WWI russians but we need real RCW sets
1)White armies (infantry, cavalry , artillery)
2) Red armies (infantry, cavalry , artillery, sailors)
3) Nationalsit troops ( infantry, cavalry , artillery for estonian, latvian , polish , ukrainian)

I read other nigth Ospey books about RCW and ther are good examples for those uniforms that they wore.
Sodlier wearing Russian uniform wearing either british, german or french helmet or mixture british - german uniform and wearing french helmet. That simpley for example.

So please make those even in mini sets. That are cheap to make.

Re: Russian Civil War sets

With the range of Strelets and Hat WWI sets - particularly, the Strelets WWI Russian Winter Infantry, I think we can make a fairly good stab at armies from both sides nowadays BUT the big omission are the sailors, perhaps a few figures from the Crimean War sets might be used but not enough to make a unit and would involve buying loads of unwanted figures. I'm not sure how popular RCW is and it might not be profitable to produce a full range but, I think, one mini-set of sailors would have applications outside the RCW (possibly even as non-Russian sailors) and therefore would be a reasonable seller.

Re: Re: Russian Civil War sets

I strongly support RCW sets. Those Ww1 Russian seem to b e very useful (besides their beauty, of course)
Sailors, whites in mixed allied supplied uniforms and Russian stuff, reds in their new uniforms and some Baltic forces in a mix of German and Russian uniforms would be really fine! (long list, I know... :) )



Re: Russian Civil War sets

Red Command set (Lenin Trotski , commissars shooting POW and talking something etc)
Red Infantry in summer dress and second set in winter dress ( in red infantry units had women figthing in front line, maybe add couple of them)
Red artillery in winter and summer dress
Red sailors stroming
Red international troops (chinese ,latvians , finns etc)

white comand set ( Kornilov, Denikin, Wrangel, Koltšak etc )
White Infantry in summer dress and second set in winter dress
White Officers troops (in Tsapajev film you can see them)
White artillery in winter and summer dress
and maybe white cavary or national troops

Natoinal troop ( Estonians, White Finns, Germans, Poles , Ukrainian)

Warety is good and strong and strelets may make 2009-2010 to RCW years. Because not all those sets dont have to be normal sets they easily can be mini sets. But please if you make a mini set then without officers those can easyli but on those Command sets that i recomended. And as for the uniforms there are lots of Books starting from osprey ones and eding those that have been publishd in russia. So ony you have to start producing those sets and make LOT of people happy

Re: Russian Civil War sets

My vote goes for RCW too. They would complement the nice Orion Red Cavalry which are the only specific RCW set currently available (although the WW1 Russians from Hat and Strelets are appropriate). Some Red Army infantry in budenovka hats are sorely needed. Also Makhno's anarchists and a tachanka machine-gun cart.