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Re: Roman Shield Transfers:

long time ago someone posted a lot of very nice decals for ancient armies shields as contribution in Hat website (suitable for rep.roman, greek, macedonian, cathaghinian, imperial roman legion, imperial auxiliaries). If you are a little patient i can prepare a winzip archive to you (there are really a lot of shields!!)and send via email to tomorrow or next day.. I do not remember the link for downloading them. Is this ok for you?



Re: Re: Roman Shield Transfers:

It was me, I guess.
go to gallery, Roland´s Decals. They are made for Hat´s, but may be they will fit also on strelets- Shield. If you want, I can send you the original corel - draw files, than you can modify them.

Re: Re: Re: Roman Shield Transfers:

Many thanks to both of you! I have e-mailed Roland to get the originals.

Thanks again!

Jon Metters