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Rome and the Mithridatic Wars

A subject that has been ignored, even by the fine series by Osprey (Rome's Enemies) is the three Mithridatic Wars fought from 88BC to 63BC.

The leader of Pontus, Mithradates VI actually fought against the likes of great Roman Commanders such as Sulla, Lucullus, and Pompey the Great.

With all the enemies of Rome already on the market, will someone please step forward and provide us with a new one besides the usual Gauls and Celts.

Re: Rome and the Mithridatic Wars

there's a good historical fiction novel about him. i don't normally like fiction. The Last King.

Re: Re: Rome and the Mithridatic Wars

For you Patrick maybe pegasus gladiators be good spartacus rebels perhaps. .

Be good to see a camp set of many different enemies .eg Chariot ,wagon , stone straw log hut etc .Armorer blacksmith druid serfs tent pagan-obelix
etc chief and bodyguard

Re: Re: Re: Rome and the Mithridatic Wars

Patrick I am with you. All the wars of the successor states against the Roman republic and later the wars of the 1st century BC are still not completely covered in figures.

The Greeks from the times after Alexander up to the birth of Christ are an interesting subject.

Cilician pirates not to forget.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Rome and the Mithridatic Wars

Be interested to see a Jewish Revolt set of figures - Caesar Isrealites are too far back and too many personalities to make an army out of.