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New Figures

The new figures, French Uhlans In Winter Dress & Romans Before Battle, look great, a fine surprise. Your sculpters are constantly improving their art, the Romans look really good Cheers Strelets, Keep up the good work.

Re: New Figures

not again.....

Uhlan in winter

... only marching poses... no fighting pose...

Re: New Figures

If this sets will make profit so that strelets can make other non-napoleonic and non-roman sets its OK, although its getting a bit tiresome...and if the webmaster is reading this :"Can you please post the pic of the winter Russian WWI masters..thank you very much".

Re: Re: New Figures

I was excited about the French Uhlans, but now I'm disapointed that they aren't engaged in battle. Nonetheless, I will buy this set, but my hope is that Strelets will make winter and summer versions in battle poses like they did with the cuirassiers. Here's to hope.

Re: Re: New Figures

Yes please lets see the winter WWI infantry - we are getting closer to something that can be used in RCW. What would be nice is a proper ragged, diverse RCW set - how about Mahkno's Ukranians? - You did say you would interested in doing them at one time.