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Why Strelets?

To Strelets:
I am very curious as to why all these unknown projects keep getting made when other stuff in your queue are languishing in limbo? So many sets of late seemed to appear out of nowhere either right to dealer shelves or arrive late on the queue in near finished production. You have 2 sets now listed for release in May that we've never heard of, ie: French Uhlans In WInter Dress & Romans Before Battle. Why is this?

Re: Why Strelets?

I'm sure Strelets have reasons for this Bert, but I would say that purely from a business point of view if a company releases French napoleonics or Imperial Romans they are sure to make a profit, and that, no matter how much the Strelets guys are entusists of the Hobby themselves, in business it's about Profit. The big sellers such as Napoleonics and Romans, mean that they can keep going and hopefully produce the less profitable figures that only a few will buy

Why not? Strelets are also gamers ... they have to balance economics and their personal interests!

Re: Re: Why Strelets?

Dear Noel,

you are absolutely right in your message.
Best regards,