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Re: Re: strelets WWI Russians Any news

Dear friends,

the new batch of sets will be released later this months.
Please be guided accordingly.

Best regards,



Re: Thankyou.

Apart from those mentioned on the site there will be one Napoleonic surprise set.


Re: Re: Thankyou.

Only one Napoleonic or also an ancient?

Today I got the new zwezda 100 years war English and French Inf, Prussian 1870 (Emhar), Brit. Light Cavalry (Italeri)new Strelets Batavians, Germans and Auxiliares and Guides of Napoleon! I be happy like a child because this sets are sooo great I cannot say in words!!!!!!!!

really really interesting the Batavian cavalry and their 'unknown' history -described on the box. Congratulations and my best reputation for this piece of art! Also the Box-Art is first class!!!!!! Thanks is all I can say!

Second one we left for later on

Re: Second one we left for later on

J' adore Strelets!

Re: strelets WWI Russians Any news

I don't suppose that you could tell us what the name of this Surprise Napoleonic set is. I have an order with my local hobby shop proprietor to get me all of your latest releases, it would help him if I could tell him the name of this mystery set.

French Uhlans in winter uniform

Re: strelets WWI Russians Any news

Thanks for the information, sorry I did not thank you earlier I had not returned to this thread for a few days,