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hi all!
when i pick up the new impetus rules in the next week or so i'm intending to start some Eastern european medieval armies (teutonic etc).
however one thing i've noticed is that crossbows were much in use. i'm gonna need 20+ figs so what sets do people suggest?
note to strelets - a set of crossbowmen would really fit in with your medievals!

Re: crossbows

We will release a set of Crossbowmen in a few month... I think this could be interesting indeed.

Best regards

Re: Re: crossbows

bignorm - there was a thread on this back in November, which you can find using the 'search' box.

Re: crossbows

didnt think to use search - oops.
mr valdemar,
i notice the release for your xbows is listed as feb/march 2008, does this mean they are imminent?