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ww1 Machine gun company/project Gutenberg

More free press on an out of print book

can almost taste the sand and grit

Re: ww1 Machine gun company/project Gutenberg

Thanks for the link Hank, i havent read the whole book yet but it is fascinating so far.

Also i was quite amazed when i looked at the names and addresses of the men of the squadron as i found that i have a "connection" to 4 of the listed addresses!!

I used to live on this mans road when i was at university in Nottingham.

Knight, T.N., 29 Millicent Rd., West Bridgford, Notts

My dad used to live on this mans road (he now lives just around the corner on Vernon rd)

Lieut. E.P. Cazalet, Brunswick Rd., Sutton, Surrey

I went to sixth form college on this mans road

Salter, E.G., 16 Grays Rd., Henley-on-Thames, Oxon

and i once spent the night with a girl when her parents were away (we were both teens etc) when she lived on this mans road. (this connection is a bit of a stretch but the address and the night still stick out in my mind :D )

Duguid, L.W.J., 42 Blenheim Gardens, Reading.

All in all a fascinating read for me. Its really interesting for me to know where some of these men must have lived and to have walked the same streets (sort of) that they must have in 1920!

I wonder if anyone else has connections to more than 1 of the addresses listed at the end of the book?

Thanks again.

its a model for unit histories

This book is a pleasure to read. It sure is teh small world. But nohing worse than seeing regiment history with just officers names, AND THEY ALWAYS SAY BIG THING ABOUT BEING TEH FAMILY REGIMENT.wELL I SAY PUT TEH OTHER RANKS NAMES IN THEN.

Regt Org

ww1 infanterie battalion organization