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Re: A Turk in command set


Sorry, I think it's your eyes. Which figure do you think looks Turkish??? Fortunately, the Egyptians/Sudanese from Hat and Waterloo 1815 will fill the gap, for a tad.

Have a great day, Frank

Re: Re: A Turk in command set

I think Hank sees the last one as turkish or greek.
I would strongly support any set on turkish, sardinian and french command/infantry/cavalry/artillery erc.



top row 3rd from right

it looks like turk.....skirted jacket and fez

its weritten in the sand.....

Re: top row 3rd from right

Hello Hank
That looks to me like a person in a dress or a very effeminate kilt. Incidentally, what would be the use of a Turkish officer with no Turkish Infantry to command?
Sorry, Strelets, I did say that I would not mention the Crimean War Turkish Infantry; I didn't in my above posting, reference 'One of their own' so perhaps it's alright to mention that the Crimean War Turkish Infantry is long overdue.
How am I going to make my 'Thin red streak, tipped with steel' without them?
Please hear our plea, dear Strelets.
Best regards

Omar Pasha ?

gotta be.Cannot be a greek goat herder as they were fighting for rouskies

Re: Re: A Turk in command set

You son of a one humped camel....HAT and especially waterloo 1815 are 3rd rate figures to be mighty ottoman troops.

Re: Re: Re: A Turk in command set

May a thousand camels eat your Christmas presents ... I didn't say Hat/W1815 were perfect (and I wasn't going to field camels in the Crimea).

I still don't see a Turk top row, 3rd from right ... but maybe I'm not looking hard enough! I'd like to see one :)

Have a great (though still Ottoman-free) day, Frank

Re: Re: Re: Re: A Turk in command set

i dont see any Austarlian soldiers IN CW...
Where were they when their empire needed them ?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: A Turk in command set

Gadzooks, Sir. We were the Empire - all good British stock one and all. Those with a martial bent joined the Army or the Navy. It was really only in the 1860's that separate 'colonial' units were formed, following the Crimean War and based on a fear that the Russians really were coming and that the thin red line was really too thin. has a quick overview of the war and it's consequences down under. The overall population in the 1850s of all

I suppose another reason for lack of colonial forces was the history of the New South Wales Corps, who staged a coup against Governor Bligh (he of The Bounty fame) and ruled the Colony of New South Wales for two years until Lachlan Macquarie and a Highland Regiment reestablished control. Likewise, th population base wasn't that big.

Do Svydanya, Frank

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: A Turk in command set

ah i understand now Australia were struggling with "the crime war" being transported convicts. Turning them into good citizens must have been tough regime.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: A Turk in command set


We were selected by the greatest judges in England ... no, in fact the proportion of convicts (except very early on when there was nothing but convict colonies) was low. All the colonies were British citizens - whether born at hom or overseas, and saw themselves as such. The Army and Navy were British ... There was also a reticence to train colonial formations - in fact, the Royal Navy mounted a case for years after federation (1901) that Australia should rely on the Royal Navy rather than have it's own ships. Australians wishing a naval career could join the Royal Navy.

Don't forget Canada, Aus and New Zealand are still constitutional monarchies, with Queen Elizabeth as their head of state.

Have a great day, Frank

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: A Turk in command set

Interesting concept or to put it in your langauge ..fair dinkum.I gues that every country then 1854 was overpopulated industrial rebellions and crime running as a paralell industry in every country still briggands/bandit on teh highways/trails etc.
New territories in colonials being forceably populated .Even teh tartars in Ukraine got shifted.
I think ww1 must have been a european cull.

i try and explode teh picture of the generals sTILL NOT CLEAR.Strlets dont want to talk anbout it as they reply to the dude earlier. Strelets he say Just look at box....? which we cannot see.