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Re: Re: Re: Re: price of figures

I used to dream about retiring early after I sold off my first-issue Airfix and out-of-production ESCI and Revell. On occasion I would put a few boxes on Ebay but there were never any huge bidding wars and it wasn't worth the trouble.
Now my boys have the "itch", and it's worth all the money in the world to watch my seven and ten year olds set up big battles on the basement floor with my "priceless" figures, and ask stuff like, "Who fought the Americans in World War I, Dad?"

Re: Re: Re: Re: price of figures

Neither of my kids were into warhammer (or wargaming for that matter) so I missed out on being fleeced by GW - now if we want to talk about what my son has cost me in trying to help him out with his cars - which he invariably crashes - then we start to talk money!

Re: price of figures

"which he invariably crashes"
Graham, Maybe it would be cheaper to send him on an advanced driving course...


Re: Re: price of figures

Or move and not tell him where we have gone to!