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Re: New Highlight! 902 Heavy Brigade

Is that Mr. Roger Fenton on the far right of the first foot figures row?

I' d a dream....

I'd a dream....

019 Roman Legion before battle

French Uhlans in winter uniform

hopefully I can find sleep now!

Re: New Highlight! 902 Heavy Brigade

Hmm? Martin Macalka raises an interesting question ... "Will there be French Command?"

Maybe the French Cavalry could be combined with Officers to make a Big Box, I'd prefer separate, however, another possibility:

* French Cavalry (12 poses cluding casualty)
* French Zouave Officers (couple of poses)
* A good Seargent with imposing markings
* French Regular Officers (same)
* French Command on Horseback poses (more is better)

Have a Grand Week!

Well done, Strelets.

Balaklava (surely)

93d Highlands laddies StrElets-R
Turkish (inf)and (Turk art 16 pounder crew)
Royale Navy and Marine blues(art crew big ship guns)

Russian Hussars
Russian Terek Cossacks
Russian Horse and men Casualties

Royale Marine Inf same as brittish Line.
Royale Navy set could oppose Russian Navy
Why no French Napoleonic Navy figures(perhaps usable for napoleonic also)

Re: New Highlight! 902 Heavy Brigade

Like Martin I would like to know when these wonderfull figures will be available to buy.

Re: New Highlight! 902 Heavy Brigade

Dear Martin,

the standing figures are actual people taken mainly from the contemporary fotoes but you can use them as generic figures, although their actual names are mentioned on the box.

Allied Chiefs of Staffs, most probably, won't be released as a single set. We doubt that you will need more British staff any way.

The set is going to released in this month.

Best regards,


Re: New Highlight! 902 Heavy Brigade

strelets, looks like another excellent CW set keep up the good work....


Re: Re: New Highlight! 902 Heavy Brigade

terrific sculpting as always.



French imperial staff (second empire)

Perhaps you could make a seperate French staff set that includes both personlaities of the CW and the French-Prussian war (Napoleon III and others).

Re: French imperial staff (second empire)

I am really looking forward to getting my hands on these new figures!