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Re: Question about gnw figures

Hi Kert

I would think the answer is yes, to a point. Not too long after the GNW coats all had turnbacks, so the figures would not work well for later in the century. Also other armies like France did not use pikes at this time. But in 1704 all armies were quite similar so perhaps most figures could be used for Marlborough/Louis XIV Wars (a subject which I still hope will one day be done by someone).

Re: Re: Question about gnw figures

Dear Kert,

The Strelets GNW Swedish without turnbacks and with tricorns and grenadier mitres could be used for early 18th century armies. a problem is their colar, most armies only started to use collars around 1720.
Zvezda GNW Russians don't have a collar. Problem with these soldiers is their very large cartridge box. French cartridge boxes for example were much smaller. (French had for most of the WSS belly boxes btw). Using them for say WAS and SYW is problematic because of their hair style and moustaches.
Zvezda Swedish infantry could be used as French for the WAS and SYW. a problem here however is their long waistcoat. (not to speak about sword bayonets etc)

Conclusion: start making conversions, for mid 18th century is extremely underrepresented in 1/72 world.