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Re: Horrible deram in 1/72 scale

but lets forget that OK
But lets bee on topic ok
i it possible to use those figuires in that campaign like i told you ?

Re: Re: Horrible deram in 1/72 scale

say why dont you take up violin lessons then you can go play sympathy for your 1/72 unsprued and damaged self. At 27 years of age ,you are too old to be a student.Time you left your mommas apron dude.

Re: Horrible deram in 1/72 scale

Hi Kert!

Let me begin at the end of your thread ... No I have never had a dream like this (in detail).

But I am a big believer in dreams.

I think you are a far superior historian of this eras battles that you discuss.

I wish I could add to it from a historical perspective, but I'm not in the know!

Keep posting here and I'll follow your interesting theme/era!