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Guides of Napoleon

PSR has posted a review of the Guides of Napoleon today. They are not very enthusiastic about this set. Nevertheless, Strelets get the maximum points for mold quality and number of poses. Mold quality has improved over the years whereas, to my knowledge, in terms of numbers of poses Strelets outdo every other company that produces plastic soldiers. Keep up the good work on that one, Strelets!
The set gets some flack on account of historical inaccuracy and stiffness of poses. I'm not an expert on these uniforms, but I humbly suggest Strelets gives more attention to their research. The topic of this set is a bit 'obscure' and I think the probability that another manufacturer will ever make an historically correct set is very low. This is therefore an opportunity missed, not only for Strelets, but also for the hobbyist. Moreover, I agree with PSR in their comments on the poses. Please, Strelets, take some more time to think your sets over at the design table. A couple of more months before bringing them to market will hurt nobody and may increase the quality of the product.
I'll buy the box anyway, despite its shortcomings, as I want to support your efforts which I greatly appreciate.
With respect to your cavalry sets, I would like to see sets that have poses with horses/riders waiting before going into action or walking at a trot. Too many sets are dedicated to charging cavalry.

Re: Guides of Napoleon

Dear Strelets,

I am sorry, but I must support Bernard. Of course I understand that you don't want to lay all your future plans open, but sometimes it would be better if we could give you some advice on uniforms or poses, just to help you in your work.

The only thing I can offer you is to give you sources of the uniforms from my archive.

As for the "Guides" I bought two packs of them at the moment and want to convert them. If they would have been better I would have bought more sets in the beginning.

From other sets of Napoleonic or especially CW ones, I bought of course much more


Re: Re: Guides of Napoleon

I'm in total in agreement with Uwe and Bernard. I believe we all love Strelets and want to contribute something for the improvement of Strelets' products. I'm no expert at all, but many in this forum are. So, I strongly encourage Strelets to be more open up for suggestions and inputs from expert customers. It is to benefit all. Win-win solution for everybody.

Re: Re: Re: Guides of Napoleon

Would these figures be okay for ?(Dutch scouts).

Re: Re: Guides of Napoleon

I think everyone would want total accuracy in any figures made, and surely this forum must be a treasure trove of knowledge on almost any soldier of the past. I had never heard of Imperial Guard scouts until the PSR review and since they only lasted a few weeks I guess there may not be much information on them, but I would say that is a reason to delay making them until you DO know more rather than work with what little you have. Still I support S*R efforts to make more unusual subjects.

Re: Re: Re: Guides of Napoleon

lets not forget Flanquers of La Garde D'Imperial. Such a nice unifrom.

Re: Guides of Napoleon

The scout-dragoons were desribed in Funcken many years ago and it was always a unit that tempted me.

It may of only existed for a few months, but what a few months as the scout regiments were heavily involved in the battles of 1814 campaign.

Eclaireurs - now painted

I've now painted the figures and they can be found on my blog at