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Nice boers mom

these are real neat painting.The lady with the gun stands out .Interesting to see Valdemaar poll(yesterday) the item people wanted was period civillians.

Re: Nice boers mom

I completely agree, Hank. In fact, I've made assembled wagons from the Airfix re-issues just for the Afrikaners of pre-Zulu days when they were settling in South Africa.

It would be a dream come true for the S*R Team to make a set of American Westward Settlers, complete with families both for wagons, as well as fighting and defending themselves in a Wagon Circle being attacked by Native American Indians.

Cheers Mate!

Re: Re: Nice boers mom

Hi Dave, Maria and Oscar painting looks very good. Real nice dress color on the lady figure, such victorian fashion finess and femininity.Amongst dust and transvaal.jaar haar.

Those airfix wagons gonna be worn out with all teh campains we can use them in.
I dont know about you but i prefer figures with built up finger greese film , little dirty but as unpainted figures they seem to pick up teh detail better.
hooray for saturday