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Horrible deram in 1/72 scale

Last nigth i saw a pretty horrible dream. i was series battles between Anglo- French army and pirate king Jacob.And that thing was more terroble that those armies were made up soldier in 1/72 scale and the figures were all century ones.

The british army was made from following sets:
7yw Revell Prussian infantry
Zvezda GNW Swedish infantry
AWI Imex and Accurate British infantry
Airfix British grenadiers
Imex British artillery
The French army was made from following sets:
7yw Revell Austrian infantry
Zvezda GNW Russian infantry
AWI Airfix and Imex Washingtons army
7yw Austrian dragoons
AWI Imex American artillery as French artillery

Milita forces were made up Accurate American militia and 30yw Revell Swedish infantry. Militia artillery was Revell 30yw Imperial artillery and militia cavalry was Revell 30yw Swedish cavalry.

Attacking King Jacobs( who lookd like Errol Flynn in film ,,The Master of Ballantrae´´ )army was made:
GerMan Jacobite Highlanders
Strelets GNW Swedish infantry and GNW Russian infantry. Strelets and Zvezda strlets infantry
Artillery was made strelets GNW Russian and Swedish artillery. Cavalry units were made from Strelets GNW Russian and Swedish cavalrys. King Jacobs personal cuard of honor was made from Napoleonic French Camel Corps and Tyrolean Army 1809. The battles in my dream were on rivers and rocki ground and King Jacob attact and massacared etire garrison of a fort wich lookd like Jamestown and finally befoure i woke up that KJ army was laying a siege to a large town wich resembeld me GNW era Narva.

So has anyone seen similar dreams when thay are sleeping

Re: Horrible deram in 1/72 scale

you need to stop smoking that stuff dude.Its damaging your 1/72 figures health.

Re: Horrible deram in 1/72 scale

Sadly i am non smoking non drinking man. But the dream was terrible indeed

Re: Re: Horrible deram in 1/72 scale

Kert, you should take a holiday away from the figures, with friends...

May I ask how old are you?



Dreaming in 1/72 scale

Not sure I ever dreamed of small figures, but I did used to dream of making them while I was awake. I had all sorts of crazy ones I wanted like Nappy Bavarians and French ambulance, ancient elephants and Boxers. Of course most of what I never thought would appear is now in the shops, so now I dream of having the time to paint them all!

Sweet dreams.

Re: Horrible deram in 1/72 scale

Hi Carlos I am 27 currently whit broken leg(car accident) at home and GOING CRAZI soon becuse i want to get work but my leg dont allow me. I want to get rid some of my figures but i cant. I dont have no frends.

Re: Re: Horrible deram in 1/72 scale

No suprise there, then.

Re: Re: Horrible deram in 1/72 scale

...Good try

Re: Horrible deram in 1/72 scale

but lets forget that OK
But lets bee on topic ok
i it possible to use those figuires in that campaign like i told you ?

Re: Re: Horrible deram in 1/72 scale

say why dont you take up violin lessons then you can go play sympathy for your 1/72 unsprued and damaged self. At 27 years of age ,you are too old to be a student.Time you left your mommas apron dude.

Re: Horrible deram in 1/72 scale

Hi Kert!

Let me begin at the end of your thread ... No I have never had a dream like this (in detail).

But I am a big believer in dreams.

I think you are a far superior historian of this eras battles that you discuss.

I wish I could add to it from a historical perspective, but I'm not in the know!

Keep posting here and I'll follow your interesting theme/era!