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Re: Question: April will come with new Strelets announcements?

Those first two would be marvelous!



WWI Austrians

Yes I totally agree with both of you. Unless Hat redoes either their Infantry or their Heavy Weapons so they match one another, we shall require a better infantry match for the Heavy weapon’s.

Since I've already started another thread on the style issue, applicable to all centuries, I'll see you where the replies fall next

Re: WWI Austrians

I also would like to see a nice set of WW1 Austrians. I thought the HAT set was ok, but a little boring. It would be cool for Strelets to produce a set in their own distinct style.

Also could someone please do another set of Serbs, the HAT set is ummm.....

What if there was no sets

gee guys Strelest must need a break by now.

Re: What if there was no sets

Anyway, some WWI Austrians would seem a logical step forward by the Strelets team for their WWI range. But who knows what they're cooking...

Re: Re: What if there was no sets

I be sure that they are planning a Prussian cavalry line for the Napoleonic area!

Re: Question: April will come with new Strelets announcements?

Rusian mounted generals sounds great, I should be able to use them for Prussians as well.