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Re: Beyond the Light Brigade ?

Nice contribution indeed! Like the background, are those pictures from the real thing?
BTW, Pierre's Red Army contribution is also verry nice.

Re: Beyond the Light Brigade ?

Hank, you are halucinating! You are seeing things that you want to see, but are not (yet) really there ... fez's in the bushes in the hills ???

S*R Team, I fear we are losing Hank. I hope you realize that this entire situation is due to the fact you first gave us the fine Crimean sets !!! It really is your responsibility to help our buddy, Hank in his road back to Toy Soldier Happiness. Now, certainly not for me, of course, but I do hope you will try to schedule a set of these fez-capped fellows to help our Mate !!!

Look closer

Funny in WH Russells despatches, Balaklava chapter,he cites that Lord Lucan with some heavy cavalary and guns was positioned in one of teh Turkish redoubts .But when the rouskies advanced he "retired" back toward Kadikoi for to get the other fellows.

I guess that did teh Turkish Morale a whole load of good seeing teh Brittish run away ..first.
Funny that.