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Re: Re: Re: Sardinians 1848/uniform and organization chart

many thanks Uwe for the info, you have confirmed what i thought only slight differences, these figures will fill a gap in Crimean forces, now all we need are the TURKS, with you on this Hank
cheers old john

Re: Re: Sardinians 1848/uniform and organization chart

cheers hank, had already printed off uniform info chart, very handy
old john

Re: Sardinians 1848

There are indeed BIG differences from 1848 to post-1850 uniforms (shakot, buttons, collar, overcoat, equipments...) but of course they're reduced to 1/72, so it's nothing you can't live with!
But then... it's better to use other existing similar plastic figures!!

Re: Ugo's figures

And Uwe, the link for your figures is:

Re: Re: Ugo's figures

Hi Enrico,

thanks for the lost link. I like Ugo's figures, nice small dioramas there.

You are right with buttons, colars etc. And as you say in 1/72 you won't see much difference.

This brings me to the question "How important is historical accuracy"? On the HAT-forum people are talking about the good Waterloo 1815 Polish infantry. In reality they are full of mistakes and in terrible poses. How much does this matter to a wargamer or collector?