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To Strelets re: Napoleonic Polish Lancers

Is there any chance you will make this set? I don't like the ESCI/Italeri version.


Re: To Strelets re: Napoleonic Polish Lancers

I think Strelets 015 Napoleonic Russian Uhlan can be painted as French/Polish/Dutch Lancer as well.

But I personally dont mind another set for the Polish Lancer. The Austrian version is probably needed too as the headgear was a bit different.

Napoleonic Polish Lancers

A set with the sort of "life" that the CW lancers have - with a wounded horse/falling rider combination. Fantastic.

I did ask HaT but they are not on the radar, so maybe a commercial gap for Strelets here?

Re: Napoleonic Polish Lancers

Great idea. The S*R Team is tops with this style of headgear.

I'd also like to see a set of French Lancers from the 1860's when Maxamilian was in Mexico for what Osprey calls, "The French Adventure." These hats had a very narrow top base, but nice 4-pointed flat top. Simple, yet elegant.

You can see them in the movie "Major Dundee" with Charlton Heston and