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Sardinians 1848

have any of you out there seen the Sardinians and Austrians for 1848 made by this company, see link

do they fit o.k. with plastics, and are the Sardinians suitable for Crimean war

cheers old john

Re: Sardinians 1848

Nice figures indeed... but not suitable for Crimea!

Re: Re: Sardinians 1848

why do you think are they not suitable for Crimea soldatini ? please explain

Re: Re: Sardinians 1848

hi enrico, am wondering why you say not suitable for Crimea, as i've looked at the painted figures in the gallery section of the site and they look o.k. to me, please why they aren't right for use for Crimea
cheers old john

Re: Sardinians 1848/uniform and organization chart

Mr OldJohn, I like teh Sardinians and will paypal for some this week.They look good to me and save time trying to convert other figures.

they have a good 16 pounder ...rock on dude

very good unifrom
chart and army organization.It looks very similar units to those who went to Crimea.

Re: Re: Sardinians 1848/uniform and organization chart

Hi guys,

Enrico is right, the uniforms of 1848 and 1854 are different. But there are in my eyes only small differences:

in 1848 the infantry had wings on the shoulders, wich were removed in the Crimea. The shako has cords in 1848, but not in 1855. Beside this the uniform-coat was a bit longer.

All in all in my eyes things that I can oversee in 1/72 or which you can simply remove.

I will order the whole army today, as the Italian wars of independence are such a colourful interesting subject!

BTW, do you know Ugo's figures for 1860? Enrico has the link on his homepage I think. I have lost it anywhere in my mess.


Re: Re: Re: Sardinians 1848/uniform and organization chart

many thanks Uwe for the info, you have confirmed what i thought only slight differences, these figures will fill a gap in Crimean forces, now all we need are the TURKS, with you on this Hank
cheers old john

Re: Re: Sardinians 1848/uniform and organization chart

cheers hank, had already printed off uniform info chart, very handy
old john

Re: Sardinians 1848

There are indeed BIG differences from 1848 to post-1850 uniforms (shakot, buttons, collar, overcoat, equipments...) but of course they're reduced to 1/72, so it's nothing you can't live with!
But then... it's better to use other existing similar plastic figures!!

Re: Ugo's figures

And Uwe, the link for your figures is:

Re: Re: Ugo's figures

Hi Enrico,

thanks for the lost link. I like Ugo's figures, nice small dioramas there.

You are right with buttons, colars etc. And as you say in 1/72 you won't see much difference.

This brings me to the question "How important is historical accuracy"? On the HAT-forum people are talking about the good Waterloo 1815 Polish infantry. In reality they are full of mistakes and in terrible poses. How much does this matter to a wargamer or collector?