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Roman cavalry

Does anyone know if the Imperial Roman cavalry sets are still due for this month? I'm not terribly clued-up on Strelets in general; do the release schedules noted on the site here tend to be pretty accurate from past experience of other releases?

Cheers, John :)

Re: Roman cavalry

Compared to most makers who promise dates Strelets is amazingly accurate, and even if they slip it is only by a week or 2. They generally appear around the end of the month, so expect the Romans in about a fortnight I guess.

Re: Re: Roman cavalry

ha,I'd pack some sandwiches if you live in USA. As long as we dont see a "coming soon" label then you wont need iron rations like what i have been eating and sharing with teh prophet of doom.chuckle...

Re: Re: Re: Roman cavalry

Indeed, when they appear is one thing. When they appear near you might be quite another. And for 'coming soon' read 'we are thinking about it' (hopefully!).

Re: Re: Roman cavalry

My guess is in about three weeks or a month as they are extremely busy right now replacing the draco standard by a decent 1st century standard, the carnyx-lur by a lituus or cornu, and all unsaddled horses with fur shabraques by horses with horned saddles...