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Re: Re: foot military order knights

The only time when swords were really rare and worn by none but the nobility and richest 'knights' in the middle ages were the early to mid dark ages. (the age of Charlemagne so to say.)



Re: foot military order knights

swords and grave goods are rarely a feature of christian burials and the age of charlemagne(800ad) is no exception but there are many from this era in scandanavian graves, indeed frankish swords were famous for their quality and the names of the weapons smiths were copied "Ulfric" was one of the...
King Cnut, the one whos famous for trying to stop the tide, in 1014ad recorded the gear that a warrior should have to be one of his housecarls, and it included a fine sword with a silver inlaid hilt ...Cnut had about 3000 such men, he paid for them with a tax on the english.
In the later middle ages effigies for knights who usually allways have a sword are common and records are better, however for the ordinary town militia such as those who fought at visby on gotland around 1300ad pole-arms of one sort or another seems to have been the normal weapon of war for them and their enemies, judging by the injuries...